· 配备专车专用对插线 无损安装(Non destructive installation of special pair of patch cords for special vehicles)

· 负责推动前声场中低音、高音喇叭、低音炮(Responsible for promoting the bass, tweeter and subwoofer in the front sound field)


· 专车专用 不拆车门 不改线路(The special vehicle door is not removed and the line is not changed)

· 电脑调音 31段EQ(Computer tuning: 31 EQ)

· 还原现场 带来真实舞台感(Restore the scene and bring a real sense of stage)


· 全自动智能调音(Automatic intelligent tuning)

· 营造立体感 扩宽空间感(Create a three-dimensional sense and broaden the sense of space)

· 自动分析和修复补偿喇叭的相位延时频响曲线(Automatic analysis and repair of phase delay frequency response curve of compensation horn)


· 全铝合金CNC加工工艺(CNC processing technology of all aluminum alloy)

· 可通过外置蓝牙播放模块播放(It can be played through the external Bluetooth playback module)